"You're taking a big step towards protecting your self, family and home..."

Dear Student,

Recent studies show an alarming increase in violent crime nationwide. One of the most frequently heard comments uttered by the victims is:

   “I never thought it could happen to me”.

FBI statistics show that an estimated 1,408,337 violent crimes were committed nationwide in 2007. 

Murders – Rapes – Assaults – Robberies.

Unfortunately we do not know the time or place that such an attack will take place.  Handgun training will help you to be a safe self-protector if and when that time might come. The lives of your loved ones might depend on it.

Taking a pro-active stance towards protecting your family from all sorts of threats is vitally important. It begins with being aware of your surroundings, eliminating risk factors and empowering yourself and spouse to through education, training and practice. This extends far beyond a simple concealed weapons permit and I invite you to use the resources here on our website to find personal safety instructors, understand laws and regulations and review safety tips and best practices.

Together we can help create safe neighborhoods and communities.

— Herb Jones, founder HandGunTraining.net and fellow student for life

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